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Michael Ambrosio has been doing business on the internet since 1999. He cut his teeth as a web host, starting not one, but TWO successful web hosting businesses. He also started a script installation business, installing scripts for some of the biggest names on the internet,

Michael is also the author of several ebooks, and the developer of several programs and scripts as well.

Michael continues to build his business by learning from other marketers, and also helps many other marketers make their first dollars on-line. He also has developed a knack for buying private label content and turning them into his own products, then selling them on-line. Michael also teaches others how to make money with PLR products.

Michael enjoys playing raquetball, cooking, walking, reading, the internet and his family. He is the father of four children and lives in upstate New York.

Other Personal Information:

When Michael decided to start his web business, he was literally five figures in debt. He spent more than five years trying all different types of businesses. During this time, he made little or no money, however he did teach himself everything he knows about the hosting business, script installation, writing ebooks, creating scripts and programs and his most valuable skills – networking and bartering.

With these last two skills, Mike went from being five figures in debt to earning between four and five figures per month on a PART-TIME basis, working 3 to 5 hours per day. Now Michael enjoys the freedom of being out of debt for the first time in almost 20 years.

I put together a photo album chronicling my online life and businesses. I started on line in 2000 and have come a long way since. You’ll most likely recognize many faces, so sit back and enjoy!

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  1. Mike, your photo album is really cool 🙂

    I recognized so many names and learn a few new faces! Like you said, you really went a long way. Good job. And I fully agree with you that networking is a vital skill that many do not realize that will help our business and life a long way.

    By the way, thanks for sharing and helping at Mike Filsaime’s Butterfly Marketing 2.0 workshop in Las Vegas last week. Appreciate it!

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