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  1. Happy New Year Michael!!! Hope you family is doing well and all is going well with your new endeavor. I was thinking about what we spoke about a few weeks (or was it months?!?!) ago about an e-book. I started outlining a DIY item on home improvements. Did some tapping of the keys over Christmas vacation at mom and dads, you know, semi-random thoughts about what it takes (for me at least) to do a home improvement project. I was hoping you would take a look at it someday when I get it more progressed and give me some feedback. Of course, most of my time while back has been spent working on the new upstairs bathroom, at the sheetrocking phase at the moment (joy). I’ll give you a call sometime after we back into the work routine thing.
    Take care and Happy New Year!!!


  2. Have you authorized a programmer named Dadniel (Daniel) found at expertzzz.com to sell your e-book called Install Your Own Scripts for $10 to the general public. He advertises it as Install It Yourself. I thought I was buying his book but when I opened the PDF it is your book instead.
    If you have authorized the sale of your book then please forgive me for meddling.

  3. I sold both the MRR and on a limited basis, the PLR to this ebook. He is one who purchased. I thank you for looking out for my interests.


  4. Hi Mike,

    How are you man?

    Listen, do you still offer dedicated server service?

    If so what is your website for it…or can you recommend a service that can handle A LOT of traffic?

    Warmest Regards,
    Rasheed Ali

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