A Simple Formula That Works Like Crazy!

Here’s a simple system we personally use that you can easily create to get people to send you free subscribers and build your list for you.

And this works in whatever niche you want to target!

[pay]What we’re about to share with you is something you rarely see discussed. The reason is because if you knew about and applied the simple system your top competitors would not
have such a huge advantage over you in the marketplace.

You see right now you’re basically an unknown compared to your top competitors. You know it, they know it, and they know you know it.

What you may not know is why they are so well known while you continue to struggle even for the slightest bit of attention.

The answer is simple and it’s right in front of you.

There is one factor that determines how much profit you will or won’t make next month. And it also determines if you will ever join your top competitors in the eyes of your customers and subscribers. What is it?

An almost obscenely massive amount of exposure that gives you the appearance of “guru” status.

It’s all about perception!

You know who your top competitors are because it seems that no matter where you turn – there they are. What you’re about to learn is a simple yet highly effective strategy that can almost immediately elevate your status in the eyes of the people who matter to your business the most.

When you appear to dominate or have a strong hold on your chosen market, people pay attention to you. More importantly – they want to pay attention to you. That’s where massive exposure and email marketing come into play.

The simple formula:

Massive exposure + email marketing = Competitive advantage to the 10th degree!

The first thing you need to do is forget the myth that you need to create your own monster 200+ page ebook to get any sort of online recognition and exposure.

Many of your top online competitors actually want you to struggle with this silly myth while they continue to ensure their dominance over you in the marketplace with more effective methods.

The truth is that all you need is a simple 3-5 page report or a short ecourse and then allow others to give it away to create a viral marketing effect!

Sounds hard to believe, but it’s the truth.

Eventually you’ll want to create your own unique product, but it’s not necessary for the time being. All you need initially do is to create a short report by either writing it yourself or by outsourcing it to a ghostwriter.

For example, you could create an email course that promotes a specific affiliate product. Be sure to choose one that people are talking about right now or one that’s constantly popping up in your inbox.

Then setup a page with a subscription form that allows them to give away your ecourse with their affiliate links in them while you maintain complete control over the emails that are sent out.

This allows you to keep all the subscribers, while they receive all the commissions from the product promoted. It’s a win/win for all concerned so most people will be prepared to work with you.

This not only helps you to build your list (which is a key ingredient to your success), it also helps to brand yourself and elevate your status as an internet marketer.

If you repeat this for a number of products, it won’t take long to build your list and your reputation as a marketer will gain momentum very quickly.[/pay]


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