Four Good Reasons to Use Viral E-books

It is a well known and widely accepted fact, that E-books…FREE E-books…are one of the best weapons in a viral marketing campaign arsenal. Internet Marketers have been doing this successfully for quite some time. In fact, some have built successful businesses gving away free viral products.

Here are four good reasons why this is true today and will continue to be true for the foreseeable future:

1. E-books are cheap to produce and don’t take long to set up. If you have articles that you have already written about the subject you are promoting, you can simply combine these articles into an E-book.

If, on the other hand, writing isn’t your forte, you can go through the trouble of hiring ghost writers…but that can be frustrating and expensive.

You can also use rebrandable E-books that have been produced by others. These are easily found and depending on the niche, are in abundance. In fact, I know where you can get free viral rebrandable ebooks – in MANY niches – for free:

One way to distribute these E-books to visitors to your website is to give them as a free gift for subscribing to your newsletter. If your E-book contains material that people will want to share with their friends and family, they will pass it along to them… they will pass it along to others…and you will make money.

2. E-books are capable of reaching a large audience. The only limiting factor is the enthusiasm or the participants.

Therefore, it is absolutely vital that your E-book contain something that people will want to share like timely information or humor. Remember that people like to know something that the rest of the world needs to know. They will pass along something that makes them look like they are in-the-know.

3. E-books are a way to sell other products other than the one you originally targeted. For example; if you are selling garden products, your customers could also be interesting in E-books about lawns, trees landscaping, etc.

4. E-books are effective in building your reputation. It is an implied recommendation if you give a quality E-book and users willing pass on to others.

If you’re not giving awat free ebooks on your sites, you are REALLY missing the boat. If you’re worried about building a list of “freebie-seekers” that won’t buy anything, don’t even worry about that.

When you build a list by giving away free stuff, then you have people to market to. A percentage will eventually become buyer.

If you have no list at all, well, I don’t have to finish THAT thought.

Remember – if you’re not much of an author, or are on a tight budget, the best alternative by FAR is right here:

Since this is a brand new community, the reports you will see being added will be fresh and not all over the net. In FACT – they have a staff of writers that put out four brand new report every single month.

Hmmm…sorry. I just took away your excuses for not having free brandable reports to give away…


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