Hey Mikey! He Likes It!

I couldn’t resist that title. If you are too young to remember, that’s “borrowed” from the Life Cereal commercial from back in the 70’s.

But I have my own reason for using it.

This past weekend I went to Frank Kerns Mass Control Workshop in San Diego, CA. I have to tell you – it was fantastic. Took a ton of notes (I have so much to do…).

But while I was there, I happened to run in to Dr. Mike Woo-Ming. Dr. Mike is a cool guy. We met in 2005 at a seminar. He also contributed a product to my very first firesale. And even though we have traded an occasional email since then, that was the last time I saw him.

So imagine my surprise when he told me he really liked the look of my blog (this site). He loves the template I am using (called Revolution News). In fact, he said it inspired him to revamp his own blog (sort of…).

Funny thing is, I never imagined he would have reason to visit my blog. That goes to show a couple of things…

Even the guru’s keep up with what’s going on out on the net.

Even a regular guy like myself can “inspire” a well-known and highly successful marketer.

The power of going to events and introducing yourself to people.

Anyway, I know to some of you this ain’t no big deal. But to me it is. It says to me that just maybe I’m on the right track.

Keep on keeping on.


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