How to Generate Greater Profits From Your Emails!

When you send an email to your list you’re basically trying to sell yourself or the benefits of your product
or service.

So you need to convey this in a manner that is unintrusive to your readers so you can achieve your desired results.

[pay]There is no more effective way of doing this than combining a proven structure with effective copywriting

Copywriting is the art of using compelling content that highlights a service or product as an attractive, desirable and useful item that the reader simply must have.

In other words, turning a product from a “should have” to a “Just Gotta Have!”.

But before you begin to write your content, you first need to structure it correctly:

1. Subject Line –

Your subject line will make or break your campaign. If you can’t get your reader to at least open your email, then your campaign is dead in the water.

So you need to pack a powerful punch that invokes curiousity to compel your target audience to find out more.

Check top magazine or newspaper article headlines to see what’s working best and alter these to fit your own needs.

2. Openning Line –

Draw readers in with a great opening. Look to top articles for ideas that reach out and grab your attention.

When you find some examples place them in a “swipe file” so you can rework them at a later time to grab your readers in a similar fashion.

3. Main Body –

Keep this focused on the main benefits that your product or service offers your reader. Present credible info – not hype. Include facts when possible to back up any claims.

Within your main message you need to sell your product with good, old-fashioned copywriting techniques.

A great method of doing this is to get your readers to take your desired action, such as asking them to click on a link to get additional information on your topic.

The secret is to balance the right blend of benefits of your product or service in your email copy. In order to do this, try some of these things…

– State your offer in a personal way. Since the focus is all about the customer write in the “You” form, not he or she.” And talk about them or things that they can relate to.

– Focus on customer benefits. People like to save money, join and be a part of something, learn more, earn more, etc.

– Offer multiple benefits in bullet form that target the needs of your readers. And remember to write them from customer’s point of view.

– Thoroughly describe the product. Give the customer all the information they need on the product or service in order to allow them to make a well educated decision.

– Create a call to action. TELL your reader what to do step-by-step. Click here, fill out the form, hit submit, go to this link, etc

– State your USP (unique selling position) to differentiate  yourself from competition. For example, tell them why they should buy the product or service from you and not your competition.

Rewriting your message so that it focuses on marketing copy can help readers feel more comfortable – and it can have a significant impact on your results. Now there’s a win-win!

Now, let’s go increase our profits!



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