How To Use Video To Boost Your Website Sales Conversions

It’s a well known fact that many of us are primarily visual in the way we relate to the world round us. With this in mind, it only makes sense that you would be able to make the content of your web site more accessible by adding the video features to your web site.

The thing to remember about using video is that you need to keep it short, sweet and to the oint. No one is looking to settle down with a bowl of popcorn and a soda while watching the video presentation on your site.

You want the video to follow the same lines as your text. Let it be concise, to the point, and call attention to the features of your product or service that will be of most interest to prospective clients.

Prepare the text for your video script and run through it with a couple of people before you ever begin the process of videotaping. You want to make sure there are no dead spots in the text that would create a pregnant pause during the video presentation.

Also take care to choose locations that will provide you with sufficient light. Nothing will turn off a prospective client like clicking on a video presentation and finding it is too dark for anyone to see what is happening.

Videos, when planned well and accessible to any potential client, can help to set your website apart from your competition and boost your sales conversions.

If filming yourself doesn’t appeal to you a quick and easy way of creating videos is to create a powerpoint presentation and record this using a program like Camtasia Studio.

You can download a free trial from here

What this software will do is it records everything that happens on the screen of your computer from the movements of your mouse to your voice when connected to a microphone. This recording can then be uploaded to your website in Flash format for quick and easy viewing by anyone visiting your website.

Once your video is completed be sure to also upload it to websites like: and which gives your product extra free publicity. You can even use those websites to host your video for you and link to it on your website which saves you any additional bandwidth costs.

Take advantage of human nature and how we see the world around us by adding video to your website to boost your sales conversions.

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  1. I have thought about adding video and in fact I have put one up, but it took me a couple of hours from start to finish… then I had to write the article.

    Any tips on how to speed up the process? Now, that would be an article I would be interested in reading!

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