I’m Better Than You?

In the years since I started my web business and my newsletter, membership sites, etc. I have exchanged
emails with many people who seem to be frustrated.

Many think I have some magical abilities because of my online successes. They think I’m “better” some how.

Then I tell them a bit about my past and my present.  So let me tell you now, too. Maybe after you finish, you’ll really understand that anyone can do this…

Let’s talk financial…

As recently as four years ago, I was so deep in debt that I came very close to bankruptcy. In fact, the ONLY reason I didn’t file was because I did not have the $938.00 fee for my attorney. If I did, I would have filed.

Since then, I have had a mountain of education in the “fine art” of balancing a checkbook, paying off debts
and spending wisely.

And thanks to my on line business, I am not only debt free – but have been in the black for the past two years. And…my wife and I are going on our very first cruise this coming January (can’t wait for that!).

Another revelation for you…

All of my on line success (until recently) has been PART TIME. I had a full time J-O-B and worked on my business at night.  For about 4 years I averaged just four hours of sleep per night. Here was my typical day:

– 4:30 AM, wake up
– shower
– breakfast/newspaper
– 5:15 am, emails, misc. stuff on business
– 6:15 am, go to work
– 4:30 pm, home from work – check emails
– 5:00 pm, family time
– 6:00 pm, dinner
– 6:30 to 8:00 pm, work on sites
– 8:00 to 8:45 pm, play with son and put to bed
– 9:00 pm to midnight, work on business
– Midnight, go to bed

That was it for four years. Lots of work and commitment.

Of course, there is a lot of things I did, people I met and so on that have helped me along the way. We call
that networking.

But I hear the same excuses all the time…

“I don’t have the time”
“I don’t have the money”
“I don’t have any talents”
“I can’t even write a newsletter”

Time – look, we all are given the same amount of time every day. 24 hours to be exact. So you DO have the
time.  What it comes down to is how you choose to spend your time.

I recently met a woman who has a very successful on line business. She also has six children…and all are
home schooled. Tell me you’re busier than she is…

Me – I still get ample family time too. I simply choose to work on my business over, say, watching television.

Money. You don’t need a lot to start with. I started five figures in debt. I made many friends and traded my time for products, services, etc. The barter system is alive and kicking on the internet.

Talent? There are many people having success on line that lack certain talents. They simply find their own
strengths and work with it. My biggest strength is networking.

Let’s talk about the last one…writing.  It’s not one of my strengths either. I can do it, and I even enjoy it most of the time. But I struggle with it at times. For those times, I have a “secret” resource I have been using for over a year now:


These guys publish a private label newsletter every week that you can use as your own. I tend to use it when I am stuck for an idea, or simply in a rush. It’s good quality too.

My point is there are ways to make your on line business flourish even if you are pressed for time or ideas.

I have another “secret” resource I have been using for over a year for a steady fresh supply of products. But I’m going to save that for next time 😉

Meantime, grab the newsletter resource in the above link so at the very least, you’ll have a good supply of blog posts, email content, etc.

Bottom line – I am NOT any better than you. I made it work because of commitment and resources. You can do it too once you decide to. Even if you are working full time.

Oh, by the way –  That cruise I mentioned? You can come too:



2 thoughts on “I’m Better Than You?

  1. Thanks for sharing the cool resource.
    The excuses you listed are soooo typical. I have to agree, the real secret to success is in how your spend your time and taking action on your ideas.
    Excuses are for people who don’t want their freedom badly enough & aren’t ready to break the false security of a J.O.B. Once the excuse barrier is overcome, then the real transformation can begin.

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