New Year New Goals for the New Year

Ah, the new year. You know what that means, right?

Time for new resolutions and goals – made and most likely broken.

Don’t feel bad – I am as bad as the next person 🙂

Over the past couple of years though, I have gotten pretty good at setting and achieving goals, and  making New Years Resolutions that I can stick to!

And I want to help you do the same thing. So I have not one, but TWO free downloads for you…

The first report I put out with Fabio Marciano a couple of years back. It’s a comprehensive system for achieving your resolutions. Looking to lose some weight? Quit smoking? Stop drinking? Things like that? It’s not as hard as you think. You can start right here:

Now, the second free download was written and developed by my friend Paul Myers. He wrote it a few years back and it is as relevant today as ever. In fact, I just RE-downloaded it myself for this coming year.

This one you can download without opting in to any newsletter – but I urge you to join Paul’s Talk Biz News.  I have been getting his newsletter for many years and it’s one of only two that I get at my main email address. All the rest go to my hardly ever opened “special” email account for all the other lists I am on.

I send Paul’s to my main email because I don’t want to miss an issue.

So, when you go to the download page, scroll down a little to see the OPTIONAL signup form and do yourself a BIG favor… SIGN UP!

This is my last email for 2009. Here’s hoping that you achieve all of YOUR goals for 2010!

Happy New Year!
Michael Ambrosio

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