Succeeding With Your On Line Business

The following was “borrowed” from Eric Louviere from Job Crusher. Eric has seen his own on line success come much faster than he had anticipated. What he writes below is something everyone who is serious about their own success should read, print, hang on their wall and study. So enjoy…

1. You need some kind of leverage. I believe in business, leverage is important. I’m not talking about having the upper hand, I’m talking about having some kind of leverage. Here are some examples of what I am talking about:

— Ability to deliver tons of targeted traffic (a big list, a branded name, PPC or advertising expertise, etc)

— Copywriting skills and talent. One of the most desired skills marketers need and look for in partnering, etc.

— Contacts. If you know the “big players” in your niche, you have leverage. You may think this is unfortunate, but it’s true.

— A glowing personality. Yes, sounds funny, but is true. Those who stand out, are ambitious, persistent and show burning desire are attractive to work with because they are likable.

Leverage is important in this IM niche, that’s for sure.

2. You must change this hobby into a burning passionate business of yours. If it’s spare time, it’s not going to work. I worked after work, before work and on weekends (and at work too)…

3. You must become a great student of this business. Learn as much as you can. Be a great student and watch other top marketers and look for what they do and how they do it. Dont look at it as predominantly a customer — look at what they sell and see what you can learn from it. Read between the lines, what are they doing??

4. Provide much more value than what the price tag is asking for. If you want to sell something for $47 to the public, make that offer worth $200, or even $2,000 — if you want a winner!

5. Watch who you associate with. Dont associate with poor people. Broke people are fine. lol Broke is a temporary economic condition. Poor can be a state of mind, and you are not going to change that.

Now, that sounds harsh, but here’s a bit more… Negative people or people who bring you down, are not the people you want to spend a great deal of time with. They will smash your confidence, action taking ability and have you second guessing everything you ever think about doing.

In this business, action wins… Be around people who build you up, not rip you down.

6. Build and work on growing your self confidence. The more confident you are, the more action you will take. The more action you take, the more results you’ll get (good or bad). The more results you get, the more you’ll be able to determine what works and what does not work.

For someone with a low self confidence, they might quit if they fail once. Someone with a high self confidence will move on past failure without blinking their eyes

7. Know your market very-very well. In this market, pay attention to just about everything someone says. If someone says something that bothers them, pay attention to what that is. If someone likes something, pay attention to what that is and so on.

By doing this, you’ll quickly find unlimited golden opportunities to sell stuff.

8. Study copywriting. Too many marketers, especially newbies, ignore copywriting. And, that’s too bad. Because, that’s where it is.

You see, anyone can drive traffic to a web page… but not everyone can produce compelling copy. Plus: copywriting has so many insights on so many levels it’s not even possible for me to list them here.

Basically, by studying copywriting, you’ll devleop a nose for what sells, what could sell, and what does not sell — or what would probably not sell well.

You get a nose for that stuff. Do yourself a huge favor and commit to learning copywriting for years to come.

9. Cover your weaknesses and focus on your strengths. I suck at technical stuff, organizing stuff and one or two other things. lol

I get that stuff covered for me, so I can focus on what I do best. That makes things much more enjoyable, plus, helps get things done faster.

After all, we tend to refrain or ignore doing the things we suck at and gravitate towards the things we are good at.

10. Build Relationships!

Nothing will get you to a huge income faster than “relationships”. Get outside yourself, and get to know other marketers. Go to seminars, workshops, events, webinars, coaching sessions, masterminds, chats, etc.

Get on Instant Messaging platforms and strike up conversations. Call people up on the phone if you can and chat. Find other marketers in your region, and meet up.

Bonus number 11. Work on your business at least 5 to 6 days per week… at least an hour or more each day. You cannot build momentum if you take long breaks away from your business. Do something every day if you can. And, that means productive time stuff — research, studying, writing, creating, innovating, etc. (not distracting things)


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