The Right Way to Deal With Your Customers

If you sell products – on or off the internet – then you realize the importance of customers. You should also understand the value of exceptional customer service.

There’s an old saying: It’s much harder to get a customer than it is to keep a customer. It’s true. They just want to be treated properly.

Hey, you’re a customer of some business, right? How do YOU expect to be treated?

Recently a valued customer contacted me to let me know how frustrated he was. It seems that a digital product he purchased from me hadn’t been delivered as promised.

This is a valid concern. When I order a product I want it right then and there, and so do you, so the customer was 100% correct.

So here are some things you should have in mind when dealing with angry or frustrated customers:

1) Explain what is it that went wrong.

Yes, even if it was a “mistake” on your part. People want to do business with real people. People make mistakes, so don’t be afraid to admit a mistake. This is powerful.

2) State again that you do value your customer.

No customers, no money, no profits… it’s that simple. Customers are the cornerstone of any succesful business. Cherish them and value them.

3) Show them that you value them. Give them a gift.

Don’t let any situation get you with your back to the wall. Take charge. Take iniciative. “Yes Mr/Mrs customer you are correct. I stuffed up, but I value you and here’s proof… here’s a gift.”

4) Let them know what is going on.

If the problem needs several hours to be solved, let your customers know. People love getting behind the scenes. A simple “I’m working on it and everything will be back to normal soon” is enough.

5) Show empathy.

Many people have a hard time in their lives. (Job, family, health and so on), so take this into account and never, never, never, *ever* snap at your customers.

Don’t be a boogie man or a tough guy. Leave that for your competitors. Be like a caring and understanding person instead. You catch more fly’s with honey than with vinegar.


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