To Coach or Not To Coach

That has LONG been the question for me.

I have thought about this often but have never made the attempt – mainly because of the personal time commitment required to effectively do this.

Last weekend I went to an event – first one in over a year – and I was asked three times if I was coaching. So here I am back to thinking about it.

So, in order to help me make up my mind I have created a quick survey to get your thoughts on this subject. If getting a coach is something you have been considering, please take 5 minutes and fill this out.


2 thoughts on “To Coach or Not To Coach

  1. Mike,I just wanna thanks about all you have been given to me withon your newsletter.It’s all very useful to me.May be next,you can find the great teknique with simply way to get more money…

  2. Hi Lutvy,

    I am glad you find some value in my newsletters/mailings. Hopefully I can improve upon that even further.

    Unfortunately, we have all been sold a “bill of goods” regarding “automatic”, “hands-free” money making techniques. They all require effort – at least at the beginning. You can TURN your business into an autopilot business, but it takes effort to get there.


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