How I Saved 80% On My PPC Costs…

Over the past year or so, I have noticed some changes regarding a few of my websites/products and traffic that can only be attributed to keywords and relevance.

What do I mean by that?

Well, keyword research and page relevance is something I never paid close attention to in the past. As a result, I would usually end up paying way too much for my PPC campaigns and have an extremely high bounce rate on my sites.

That meant spending a LOT more per sale than I should have been.

But really…who has the time to do the proper research for all of that? I sure didn’t.

When my partnet Jim took on the PPC part of my business, he showed my just how much I was tossing down the drain in those PPC costs.

He took some of the campaigns I started and ignored from an average of $0.47 per click (on various keywords in the IM niche) down to an average of $0.09 per click.

That alone is about an 80% savings.

What this did was allow me to drive as much as 80% MORE traffic for the same amount of money.

How was this accomplished?

Simply – good, solid keyword research, writing relevant ad copy and making it all tie together on my landing pages (the free ones and the paid ones).

So what’s the downside to all of that? Frankly, the time involved in researching the very best keywords for your target site. Identifying which keywords had the right amount of searches, and the right amount of competition.

At first, Jim was doing this manually – and for free – using the Google Keyword Tool.

Yes, it is a useful tool. But once we discovered this OTHER wonderful tool, man, it made life so much easier.

There’s something to be said for automation…

There’s something to be said for tools that make your life easier.

Now Jim spends his time on much more valuable things, such as the new Adwords course he is creating. More on that later…

If you are someone who balks at spending money on tools because there are “free alternatives” out there, then you can stop reading here. This isn’t for you.

But when you talk to some of the most successful people on line, in almost 100% of the cases, they will tell you that tools to automate mundane tasks are a MUST (along with outsourcing).

Brad Callen’s Keyword Elite 2.0 is the next generation to an already proven tool. I wasn’t sure he could take an already great tool and make it better…but he has.

Stop wasting your time…and start profiting more.

To Your Success,
Michael Ambrosio

P.S. More on Jim’s Adwords Course coming soon, but what I can say is so far, he has 47 videos in this package (mostly 3 – 5 bite-sized minutes).  I am not sure when it will launch, but I DO know we will need some reviewers.

So, if you take advantage of Brad’s Keyword Elite 2.0 right now, I will personally create an account for you for Jims Adwords product. The same guy that reduced my PPC costs by 80%.

Think of what you can do when you use these two products together…

Just send me an email with your receipt and you’re IN!


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