12 Steps to Hordes of Traffic

If you’re like me, you will definitely love the idea of attracting hordes of visitors to your websites.

But if anyone has ever told you that can get all the website traffic you want WITHOUT any work being done, then you’ve been shamelessly lied to 🙁

If you want more visitors to your website, here’s a 12-Point “check-list” that could make all the difference for you 🙂

But, before I begin, I urge you to read this letter till the end and there’s a BIG surprise waiting for you (hint: a shortcut?)

#1. Make sure your website is promoted every month! – Continuous exposure and search engines will start “liking” your website.

#2. Do not use “black hat” or “grey hat” tactics to trick the search engines. You may get permanently banned from search engines.

#3. Strategically choose the right “mix” of promotional activities (I’ll tell you more about this later).

#4. Get One-way “Back-Links” from other websites to boost Your Search Engine Rankings and Positioning.

#5. Write 4-5 new and original articles every month and distribute UNIQUE versions to leading article directories.(Don’t know how to write? There’s a shortcut for that below as well!)

#6. Write and distribute a Press Release about your website every month. Search engine robots are always lurking around these sites.

#7. Try to get “back-links” from other people’s Blogs and Forums in your niche. Post comments to Blogs and replies to forum threads.

#8. Start writing content for other Blogs. These are not just comments but entire ‘Posts’ for other blogs. Of course, you’ll be allowed to get a back-link for this effort.

#9. Bookmark every article, blog post, video, webpage on your site as well as the URLs of other sites where your content is appearing on all leading bookmarking sites.

#10. Create your profiles on leading social networking sites like Squidoo, Hubpages and so on. Keep them updated with new content every month.

#11. If you are not using VIDEOS, you are leaving too much on the table. Create promotional videos about your product, service or website and distribute to all leading video portals like YouTube, Google etc.

#12. Boost your credibility and bottom-line by getting leading “Authority” sites (wiki sites) to display a link to YOUR website. Add your unique content on high pagerank sites like WetPaint, LittleWiki etc.

Phew!! That’s a lot of “work”… and imagine you doing all these ‘arduous’ tasks each and every month!

Personally, I don’t want to do this… I guess nobody wants to break their head either every month.

And, who wants to do all these when there is an effective “shortcut”?

Many marketers don’t the time, resources or even the “know-how” to get all these ‘back-breaking’ tasks done.

Well… here’s the “secret” shortcut to hire a virtual team of professionals who not only do all these “tasks” for you, but do it well!:

==> http://TrafficSage.com

Check it out for yourself. Let a team of highly trained professionals utilize their expertise, resources and time in promoting YOUR online business. Just image how much your sales will increase with all the extra traffic you’ll be getting.

Hope this helps.


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