Product Creation Crash Course – Lesson #2

It’s time for your second lesson in your Product Creation Crash Course. I hope you found lesson one informative and that you are ready to get started researching topics for your new information product.

This is one of the most talked about subjects in Internet marketing and can be like the search for King Solomon’s mines.

The good news is it really doesn’t have to be that difficult and you can find profitable niches with ease it just requires you to think slightly outside the box.

This step is the exact method I use to find profitable niches and is pretty easy to do!

The first thing you need to do especially with your first product is find a niche that interests you.

This is not always the case and there will be plenty of profitable niches that you do not really interest you at all, but with your first product it is a good idea to find a niche that you have some sort of interest in. It will make the job easier for you.

If you are having difficulty thinking of a good niche that you have interest in, the best thing to do is think about your hobbies.

Just think of things that you enjoy doing like cooking, playing computer games, fishing, DIY, Ebay, collecting stamps etc…

The other thing I should mention here is try not to spend too much time thinking about this as it can prevent you from taking action!

Ok, so once you have got your niche the first thing you need to do is see if it is profitable and people are looking for it!

Remember don’t spend too much time on this just think of something you have an interest in and move on to the next step.

The next thing you need to do is determine how many people are searching for your niche.

To do this you will need a good keyword tool like the one found here:

There are many more that you can use and you can find them by doing a quick search for “keyword tool” in your browser. But for this course we will stick with the one above because it’s fast, free and easy.

Now, perform this test. Go to the link above and type in your main topic, for instance dog training.  When you click the button you will see a list of the top keywords on that  topic plus how many times the words have been searched for.

By performing this search you will be able to get a good idea if the niche you are interested in is a popular one with lots of people looking for products related to it.

Keep in mind that your niche search results should have more than 1000 searches per month at the very least 500. This is a rough estimate, but it will still give you a good idea of weather or not you should move forward in that niche.

If you did the test above you’ve seen that the top main phrases associated with dog training are:

  • free dog training tips
  • dog training collars
  • in home dog training
  • dog training collar
  • dog training tips

At least at the time I am writing this. Result will vary.

So you should now do the same with the topic of your choice and pick the top 5 phrases that are being most searched for in your niche.

If you followed the above steps and your niche has less than 500 searches per month then you may want to find another because it may not be worth putting the work in to creating a product on that topic if there are so few looking for it!

So if you have a very small niche, try and think of another niche with more search results.

Once you have found a niche with a decent amount of search results move it time to move on to Step 3 where we will find out if your niche will make you money and we will cover that in your next lesson.


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