Most Marketers Make This Mistake – Are You?

musing-sm.jpgIn my early years online I would have been lucky to read, listen or watch one tenth of all the ebooks, audios or DVDs I purchased. And believe me – I purchased a LOT of products!

You see, I was far to busy jumping from one product to the next to worry about actually implementing what I was learning. At times, I would try to “learn” about 3 or 4 different things in a day.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work out that I wasn’t doing very well. In fact, I was losing more than I could afford.

Sound familiar?

And that’s the problem.

This is the same scenario being played out by 90% of new marketers online…

…and it is one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) reasons why most people fail to earn any real income online.

YES, it’s important to purchase products so that you can educate yourself on the latest methods to build and grow your online business…

…but unless you actually take action to put in place what you learn and take real action, then you’re fooling yourself. You’re simply wasting your time, energy and money.

Only when you understand and totally accept that you *MUST* take action to implement what you learn will you move forward and begin building a solid future for yourself. I know this from personal experience.

But before you do anything, you first need to decide on what business model you will use to build your business.

Once you’ve done this, you then need to be become a master of that model by studying all the techniques and strategies relating to this area.

For example, if you selected internet marketing as your niche you have the choice of many models to build your online business…

– Affiliate Marketing
– Blogs
– Butterfuly Marketing Sites
– Paid Memebership Sites
– Authority Sites
– Adsense Sites
– eBay

Each of these models have many list building, traffic generating and other techniques you need to learn.

But a word of warning…

Don’t fall into the trap of trying to use multiple models when your first start out.

YES, using multiple models is a great way to explode your income, but this can only be done one step at a time. Trust me, I’ve been there, done that. You simply won’t have enough time to do this all at once.

First apply and master the various techniques for your chosen model – and then only when you’re showing good returns should you move on to another model.

Now building your business and earning an online income is not going to be easy. It will be frustrating, time consuming and at times it will mentally drain you.

But if you focus on one thing at at time, stay strong during times of adversity and follow your system, you WILL succeed!

That reminds me…

You do have a proven system you’re following don’t you?


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