The Right Way to Use Bonuses to Boost Sales

Adding value to your product (or affiliate product) is an excellent strategy. But if you put a dodgey bonus together, or do this in the wrong way, you can devalue your offer so much that it becomes worthless. Simple as that.

So here’s a general rule of thumb for you.

If you’ve really thought about it, dug about and tried to find something to add in as a good worthwhile bonus to try and tip customers over the edge, and you honestly can’t find anything that fits the bill, go with nothing.

No bonuses are better than one that turns your potential customers away.

As obvious as that sounds, it seems to be occurring more and more often recently, which is strange because of the sheer number of people that claim to know what they’re talking about that are teaching people what to do with online business nowadays.

Using the example above I want to demonstrate something to you that seems to have become a strange epidemic that pretty much makes me and everyone else I know click right
off the website and go somewhere else…

…and that’s when people take too much time and put in a little too much effort into adding value to their products.

Have a look at the below example and think about how many times have you seen this recently?


“Get your hard hitting, intensive training course,
entitled ‘Improve Your Golf Swing’, consisting of two CD’s
packed with audio and video, showing you all the tricks,
tips and tactics in use today by some of the most
successful fisherman in the world!.

Order today and get this proven course worth over $2500
for a measly $300.

In fact, I’m so confident that it’s going to help you I’m
going to knock the price down further. You can get all this
expertise in one place for an amazing $49.95.

Order your copy now!”


See where I’m coming from?

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with giving special offers to encourage people to take action, or just to show people they’re getting a real good deal, but from $2500 down to $49.95?

That’s going over the top, and unfortunately this affects you and your product’s credibility.

Think about it? How would you feel if you walked into a store and saw a top of the range 62″ plasma screen knocked down from $12,000 to $200?

Your first reaction would either be ‘Yeah right, this a joke’, or even more likely ‘What’s the catch?’ or ‘What’s wrong with it?’.

The whole purpose of your sales lettes is to build credibility and to increase customer confidence in your product. You do this by identifying and addressing the problems and questions people might have in your niche, while at the same time creating a need for your product.

Do you see how adding too much value, too soon, or going really over the top can be detrimental? Where you see it as giving the customers a bargain, they’re seeing it as another question in their minds.

Hey don’t get me wrong. Discounts are good, but in this type of circumstance it’s going to kill your sales. Don’t make the same mistake.

Now it’s also important to remember to add value using bonuses in a way which makes your bonuses seem like real products themselves, but never ever lose sight of the main purpose of your website.

Don’t throw people off in different directions and have them read ten sales letters for different products. It just doesn’t work like that. Again while you may think you’re adding value, all you’re doing is distracting and confusing your visitors.

When people say sell your bonuses like a real product, they mean a few hard hitting paragraphs about how this compliments the main product and you’re getting a heck of a
good deal, or you can’t get it anywhere else, or where it’s been proven etc.

Don’t go over the top, or you’ll begin losing your potential customers.

Now if you’re lost as to what the heck you could possibly give as a bonus to add value to your product, or don’t have anything to hand, don’t worry.

Your bonus doesn’t have to be tangible. It doesn’t have to be an ebook, it doesn’t have to be a piece of software. Open your mind a little and think about other things you could offer to people along with your product.

Are you respected in your field of expertise? How about a free one hour, no strings phone or video consultation, or even a follow-up consultation to see how they’ve done with the product you’ve just sold them?

This isn’t such a hard thing to implement if you have the knowledge. Just be careful not to try to give 100 people a free two hour consultation every week.

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, you can use this method somewhere, whether it’s an hour free technical support, or a free 30 minute confidence builder to compliment your main product. It’s totally up to you.

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